Most of us are aware of how powerful our brain really is. It’s our CEO, it’s in charge of so many body functions helping us regulating hormones, chemistry, our immune reactions, etc. But, I think very few of us are aware of the latest research regarding the heart, which appears to be an even more important organ inside our body.

Before we go any further, we definitely should acknowledge some important people who have revolutionized our understanding of the heart. We have come a long way from believing the heart is just a pump, haven’t we? One of such pioneers was Rudolph Steiner, a genius who was among the first to mention that the heart was a much more complex and powerful organ than just a pump. He is the founder of bio dynamic farming, which is basically a way of farming around the moon cycles and the natural cycles of the earth. He also founded Waldorf education, which is a popular child-centered philosophy for schooling. He also created a system of alternative medicine called anthroposophical medicine.

Coming back to the heart, there definitively was a lot of wisdom in what our ancestors knew. This is why “listen to your heart” is still such a profound statement filled with wisdom. The Cherokee regarded the heart as “Shante Ishta”, which actually means the opening of the heart through compassion so you can release judgment of others and yourself and experience more elevated emotions like happiness, love, joy, etc.

Now science seems to be catching up because they have researched it more thoroughly and determined that the heart is very likely linked to our personality, probably the reason why we regard to some people as having good hearts! Additionally, a lot of people who have had successful heart transplants have come out and acknowledged that they now have different tastes in food and even different perceptions on life. They even report having memories that are not theirs. The most famous case was that of an 8 year old girl that received a heart transplant from a 12 year old that had been murdered. After receiving the heart transplant, she started recalling very vividly, in a bad dream, being chased in the woods and eventually someone killing her. This led to graphic artists sketching out the killer and the killer eventually being caught and sentenced.

This is just a small taste of the intelligence and power of the heart. In fact, in 1991 scientists even took their research of the heart further when they decided over 40,000 sensory neurons in our heart, confirming the heart does have a mini brain. But the most surprising discovery is that the information flows more from the heart to the brain than viceversa, signaling to the fact that it might supersede the brain in hierarchy. This is probably related to the electromagnetic field which we have discovered surrounding our hearts.

We’re learning more every day about our heart but this points to the fact that it is a very important and yet neglected organ in our bodies. Why do I say that it’s neglected? Well, most of us have built what is known as a heart wall, through which we have suppressed our emotions in the interest of survival. As social creatures, we care so much about not being criticized, or hurt in any way that we have actually put up this wall to protect us so we don’t experience those things. Through our programming, we also
develop and act out subconscious programs so people and situations cannot hurt us. The downside of reacting this way is that we are not able to pause and connect with the heart so we can use our higher emotional intelligence in this situations.

Doing this means you choose to live out of sync with your heart, so you might not achieve ecstatic levels of happiness, you might not be the most fulfilled with your life, etc. This is probably one of the reasons why you see so many people, including those who have financial wealth, to be rich in some aspect of their lives, but extremely poor, or even bankrupt spiritually.

This is the reason why it becomes important to establish this connection again. When you release your heart wall and you are able to find sync between your heart and brain you can start living from your life purpose and your conscious wishes and desires, and take advantage of the beautiful things in life by being present to experience every moment. You access intuition on demand, happiness on demand, or even what Gandhi used to say, “satyagraha”, which is truth force, or love force.

I hope this has been helpful and you can work on that. If you do, please let me know how it goes.

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