This is what some of the fans are saying about my music:

“Fantastic! Thank you for spreading awareness. (and the song) I no longer buy any product from the companies you mentioned – also a few more. Boycott can be a powerful weapon when enough people get on board. This is our health we’re talking about. No to GMO!”

Peter P.

“Great! Rock Monsanto!”

Ron F.

“Great rhythmical flow and melodic info!!”

Eric B.

“Dear Brother You are NOT ALONE. Nice to know another Tender True Soul. Blessed to Know you :)”

June R.

“So well done! Congrats on the talent and thanks for sharing with us!!” 

Jonas S.

“Really quite good– to have such a catchy song, coupled by written content,- relaying the truth. A great way to spread this terribly important information, & get people to thinking & learning. – With a growing & continued awareness , this piece of music could very well, make the top 10! GREAT JOB! I will now make it a point to start listening to music from you”

Valerie N.

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