Did you know that you that there are only 2 reasons why you’re sick?


There are only two reasons why we’re sick. But more on that in just a minute. First, I wanted to talk about Dr. Gerson and his daughter Charlotte Gerson from the Gerson Institute.

Dr. Gerson was just studying to become a typical physician. However, while he was studying he had a challenge of his own. He suffered from really intense and acute migraines and I can certainly relate to that condition because I actually used to suffer from migraines myself.


iessssssssSo, he was basically trying to search for a way to eliminate his migraines or at least make them show up less often so he searched the medical literature and also asked around all the doctors to see what they knew about possible cures for migraines. Unfortunately, all doctors said the same thing. “This is something genetic you’re stuck with it, there’s no cure and you’re just gonna have to live with it for the rest of your life”.

Well, Dr. Gerson actually didn’t accept this prognosis and so he went on to do research on his own and he stumbled upon a woman who had cured herself from an illness through diet. He thought investigating on diet based cures was worth looking into and he tried different diets to see if they might benefit him.

He tried many different diets and failed until he stumbled upon the Simian diet, in other words the diet monkeys have in their natural environment. Because we share so many things with them he decided to try their diet which consists of raw vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits, etc.

Sure enough, a few weeks after trying it he was cured from migraines and he never suffered from them again! Really powerful stuff…So at this point he was now practicing and he knew that anytime that a patient came to him with migraines he knew exactly what to do, prescribing what he would call the “migraine diet” and it worked quite effectively.

Then something else happened, which was, a patient of his actually came back after getting so much better from his migraines. They were gone but also his lupus (skin tuberculosis) was gone. Dr. Gerson felt the patient must be mistaken, but sure enough the patient showed him tests confirming he was no longer suffering from such illness.

Dr. Gerson realized it was worth investigating and he started treating other patients of skin tuberculosis with the same diet that he was using for the migraines and sure enough he started to work now with a more famous doctor in Germany who picked up on what he was doing and he decided to test hundreds of skin tuberculosis patients. This doctor decided if even one of them got better then he would publish the results. So sure enough, they tested and treated these patients and then they tested again after diet changes and almost a hundred percent of them actually went into full remission. This discovery led Dr. Gerson to understand that he had not found a cure for migraines or skin tuberculosis. He had actually found a way for the body to come back into balance and he discovered that we can pretty much be out of balance because of two reasons:


Reason No. 1 – Toxicity

First reason why we are typically sick is because of toxicity. We can be exposed to chemicals in the air, chemicals in our cosmetics, in our food, etc. The excess in toxicity causes the body to be unable to handle that toxicity and this causes a chemical imbalance that ends up causing havoc in our health.


Reason No. 2 – Deficiency

The second reason our bodies are struggling is deficiency. We are deficient in minerals vitamins because we are not ingesting the proper food. This is the reason why it makes total sense to go on a diet that’s plant based and organic. You get more nutrients and the plants have been exposed less to pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc.

Now, even if you’re on an organic diet, Dr. Gerson knew that the mayor problem is that our soil is completely depleted. Specially today with our modern day agricultural practices we have really really damaged our environment to the point where the soil no longer has enough nutrients to thrive and flourish so it can provide us with the nutrients that we so desperately need to thrive ourselves.

To make things even more complicated, we aren’t even on this diet, but rather on a SAD diet or Standard American Diet which is full of hydrogenated oils and dyes and high fructose corn syrup and genetically modified foods, etc. And, of course, this is why we are suffering from inflammation which eventually leads us to go to a doctor. Doctors themselves prescribe something which is some sort of chemical which causes even further toxicity that lands us where we are today, with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, etc.

But there is hope, because when you do things right and you actually switch to the proper diet and you allow our bodies to detoxify through the proper channels you actually make the whole system come back to balance.


The Gerson Therapy

The Gerson Therapy is, I think, one of the most powerful things that somebody can do in their lives, specially if they’re struggling from chronic illness.

The Gerson Therapy tackles these 2 fronts brilliantly. Toxicity is handled through coffee enemas while deficiency is handled mostly through raw foods mostly nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables.

For those who are sceptic about those coffee enemas and feel uncomfortable, what I can
tell you is these have actually been around since World War I, back in the time when the Germans were surrounded by the Allies so they didn’t actually have access to medications like morphine to treat their wounded. So doctors actually started ordering water and soap enemas for the soldiers and one thing that they had access to was a lot of coffee because they used it to keep the doctors awake on those long sleepless nights. So the nurses thought, because the coffee was good for the doctors it would also be good for the soldiers. Enemas actually became one of the standard procedures and were actually a part of a manual of medicine called Merk manual of medical procedures and it was erased in the 70s but all the way up to there it was actually one of the procedures that doctors had and what it does is actually helps the liver open up it’s vile ducts thus allowing for the detoxification process to happen and for the body to flush out all those toxins which we desperately need to get rid of.

With the Gerson Therapy, you have this combination of detoxification with the the proper nutrition and supplementation which brings the body back to balance.


To sum things up, you are either deficient of minerals, vitamins and critical nutrients or you are toxic, meaning, you have accumulated toxicity in the body which the body no longer knows how to get rid of. In a lot of cases you have both which is the worst case scenario.

If you’ve been struggling with your health I would highly recommend you work with a functional medicine doctor or a naturopath so you can address both things and start thriving again by being in balance.

Being in balance means you can start enjoying life!

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