"POP-sitive music to inspire change around the World"

Music can be a powerful force for positive change in the World and it can bring us closer together! That's why I created Earth Matters...a multi-media project dedicated to spread information and good vibes on critical topics we face today. Becoming informed through music will help us serve ourselves and every living thing on Earth.. Helping others make that change through music is what keeps me going forward…

Listen to my Cover, “Imagine” (To Be Released Jan 24th 2020):

And this is what other Playlisters have said:

“love the style and the distinctive vocal”… Manifesto
“I know a happy song and a force for good when I hear it”…mp3hugger
“Really good production quality”…Normand of minimalistic Records
“you have an impressive voice”…Keep Walking Music

Save The World…One Song At A Time

About the Artist

I used to struggle with finding my purpose in life until I found music. I completed my studies at Berklee College of Music and I was very fortunate for making music full-time, but it stoped being enough when I became a father. I realized that my music could serve a higher purpose and be a powerful force for positive change in the world. And that’s how Earth Matters came to be.

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