Why am I here?

Welcome Wellness Warriors and thanks for stopping by! I’m Ivan.

All my life I’ve dreamed of doing something meaningful and I was fortunate to have discovered music at an early age. I used to struggle with finding my purpose in life until I found music. Music is an important part of who i am and it has always been there with me. I played different instruments most of my life and while not easy, eventually I was able to live from my passion.

But, you see, something was missing. Working on music was an enormous privilege but I felt it wasn’t making any kind impact in the world. 

Just then, something rocked my World. After many financial ups and downs that come from making a living from music, I was finally having a stable stream of income. And I was fortunate to become a father in the year 2010. This is where the real magic happened for me! I’ve learned so much from my three daughters and I feel I’ve grown exponentially as a human being and it made me realize that there really is a way to positively impact the World, and it all starts with whatever your talent is. 

It was then I realized that my music could serve a higher purpose and be a powerful force for positive change in the world. And that’s how Earth Matters came to be. These days, I am constantly devoted to becoming a better father, husband and musician. I truly believe that most of us would be happier if we pursued our true passion and found a way to serve others in the process. That is my mission through Earth Matters.

When I started working on becoming a better father this led me to become a better human being. As I kept growing and learning from my mistakes, I felt like people were entitled to know about the real World that many of us unintentionally avoid. A world of disconnection where countless species of animals and plants are suffering needlessly through our modern day practices.

And that’s when it hit me… I decided to create this project, bigger than myself. A project not just ME but for US. I’ve realized the reason I love music is because it transcends our differences big and small, and brings people together in ways you’d never expect. That is why the people in power have traditionally feared music and arts more than they fear weapons. With your help, music and media can spread like wild fire!

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