With our quarantine days coming to an end soon, I have noticed most people are still wondering why the world doesn’t feel a like a better place. It was supposed to be a place where we should have found happiness and would all be thriving. The reality is different, isn’t it? When you think about it, we haven’t had a major World War in over 70 years, we’ve gone out into space, we’ve built rockets, planes, cars and all kinds of gadgets. There are gadgets for vacuuming, mopping the floors. You name it, we have it. Yet, despite all we have, there are over 264 million people struggling with depression. And this is not just about the 99% versus the 1% because plenty of people in that 1% are also sad to the point of depression. This should point us to the fact that this is not about how much you have, but rather a crisis of the soul.

Your Life Becomes Your Prison

So many people have been trapped in conformity and simply don’t know how to get back on the right track. This is why they are uncomfortable in their own lives, and simply wish they were somewhere else other than living their own lives.

Replacing Spirituality For Science

I believe a key missing ingredient is spirituality. In our culture, we have chosen to replace our spirituality with science. We tend to love science because it relates to the world we can explain. We can quantify, set parameters, do tests, observe with our senses, etc. It is very controllable, yet it doesn’t explain most of the mystery of the Universe. God, love, consciousness,, etc. Unfortunately, anything that we have not been able to quantify we’ve chosen to ignore and it has not been a good thing.

Our ancestors clearly knew better than we did. In fact, when europeans came taking over their land, they described them as “Whittika”, which means someone with a disease of the spirit.

The Connected/Disconnected Society

This is how we have arrived at a society that is extremely connected through technology, but at the same time extremely disconnected spiritually. In this disconnection we have been pushed into a wheel of progress, where big agricultural systems have depleted the soil and create food in labs which is depleted of essential nutrients. With more people consuming such food and becoming sick, the pharmaceutical industry offers the quick fix solution with a pill for every ill. So they sell us the idea that you don’t need to change anything about your lifestyle, simply take a magical pill and feel better. And these pills have been proven by science obviously so there’s no questioning whether they work or not.



Our Level Of Consciousness Is On The Rise

The good news is that slowly but surely, we are evolving. After so many decades lost on the wrong track, mankind seems to finally start to look inward for the way towards happiness. Books like the power versus force illustrate that the large majority of people are still in a very low vibrational frequency. In fact, according to their research over 85% of the population still live in the realm of guilt, shame, pride, and other low vibrational frequencies like love, joy, reason, etc. However, the good news is that their research shows that our collective consciousness has risen just above those low vibrational frequencies. In correlation, a lot of people also seem to have started to meditate frequently. In the early 2000s, there was only about 4% of people in the US who meditated. Today this number is above 15%. I’m probably a part of this statistic now that I think of it, as I started meditating the last 8 or so years.


 to Flip Your Switch From External To Internal

The solution to leaving your own prison in my opinion is related to valuing and focusing on your internal world instead of your external world. A major factor in this transition involves learning to live in the present moment.

Master Living In The Present Moment

Very few of us live in the present moment. Most people are either focused on their past, or their future. Want to learn how to live in the present moment? My suggestion for you is to learn from the best masters of the present moment…kids. Kids do not live in the past or the future. They are primarily focused on what happens around them in the present. For me the concept first sunk in after hearing Alan Watts speak of washing the dishes. He was explaining how you don’t focus on the pile of dishes you still have to do, or the ones you have done. You only focus on the dish you have right in front of you, and you think of that one as the only dish you have to wash. Once you’re done with that one, you move to the next, and that becomes the only dish you focus on…At first, I thought that was ridiculous, but of course I was willing to try. Tried it an it worked! And this very concept applies to anything you do. If you are at work, don’t think about how long you’ve been, what you still have to do, etc, but rather focus on the task you have right in front of you, and then focus on the next one, etc. When you learn how to do that you’ll realize you’ll gain a different perspective and will start realizing you’re leaving your own prison and enjoying the now!

Get Rid Of “When I_______ I’ll Be Happy!”

Most people are always in this constant narrative. When I have a better job I’ll be happy. When I dump my boyfriend I’ll be happy. When I have a new boyfriend I’ll be happy. When I’m living somewhere else, on vacation, retired….You name it. True happiness requires you to flip the switch, and change this mentality to “I am happy now”. So instead of waiting for someone, something or some outside circumstance to be happy, you go into an internal state of happiness. And when you do that, as a reflection, your external world will eventually align with your internal state.

Flip The Switch And Uncover Your Life Purpose Instead Of Going On A Fruitless Search For It

Most people are unfulfilled with their lives and feel in a prison because they believe they are supposed to go on a quest to some remote place where they’ll be able to discover their life purpose. And their life purpose is this magnificent thing that will change billions of people with some action no one has ever done before. Once again, the reality is that finding your life’s purpose is more closely related to looking inward and uncovering your life purpose based on the things that you have loved doing all your life. This might mean that some of us might have big life purposes where we will impact millions, while others might impact one hundred. The amount won’t matter because if you’re fulfilled with your life pursuing your life purpose, you’ll cause positive impact and it won’t matter if it is to one hundred or one million!

Flip The Switch And Love Inside Out

Most of us have fallen for the Hollywood version of love. We’re supposed to fall in and out of it, search for the one true partner who will complete us in every single aspect of life. Climb the castle, kiss the girl and be happy ever after! Once again, we’ve been on the wrong track. Love is an internal state of being and something you accomplish by first learning to love yourself. When you accomplish that love will reflect all around you. I see this specially in parents and kids. Kids absorb this vibrational frequency and reflect love!

This is how you get out of your own prison. Do you live inside of your own prison or have you been able to get out?

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