Celebrate Your Love With An Original Song To Capture Your Unique Story!!!

Imagine surprising someone you love with a truly Unique and Timeless Gift that will last Forever!

Imagine surprising someone you love with a truly Unique and Timeless Gift that will last Forever!

Let’s face it, finding the perfect gift for couples is not an easy task, especially since each couple has different personalities and preferences. Plus, the typical gifts tend to fade away so quickly don’t they?

Fortunately, your search for creative wedding and anniversary gift ideas is over! You can amplify a couple’s love for one another with the most universal language…Music!.

Combining a couple’s unique story and emotional journey, with the power of music and lyrics, established Music Producer and Engineer Ivan Valles creates the perfect 4ever Love Songs for Couples.

Get it done in 4 easy steps:

Ivan will personally speak with you, through a method like skype, to learn more about your story and will capture the essence of your song. This is an informal and casual time to talk where Ivan can learn more about your own love story.

Ivan will write an original song that encompasses your love story and send the lyrics for your approval. Shortly after you’ll receive a rough draft. Think of a rough draft as a scale model or mockup with a simple reference guitar or piano and a vocal.

Your story will become a 4ever love song for all to cherish and celebrate.

Your 4ever Love Song will be delivered!!! Depending on the package and add-ons you chose, we will send your 4ever Love Song!!!

Be prepared to receive lots of love, hugs and affection!!

We’ve seen this happen time and time again! Because you’ve chosen such a unique an long lasting gift that will last for generations to come, your loved ones will be so happy and grateful you chose this gift.

Checkout some samples below:

About the Artist

After graduating with honors from Berklee College of Music, Ivan found a purpose in producing and engineering various recordings, Ivan was fortunate to see some of these recordings climb as Billboard Bestsellers. Now, working with World Class musicians, Ivan composes, arranges and produces a wide variety of styles of music, focusing on delivering clients a unique signature song they can cherish forever!

Some of our clients include: Madacy Latino (Billboard Bestseller 2005), Lideres Entertainment Group, Sunshine Entertainment, New York Times Best Selling Author Kris Carr and Armando Manzanero, among others.

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