4ever Love Songs


How Long Will My Love Song Take To Make?

Typical times range from 2-4 weeks. A rush order fee is available upon request. This will bump you project to the top and make an estimated time 1-2 weeks

Can You Perform My Love Song At Our Wedding/Event?

Yes, a professional singer can perform your song at your event. Use the contact us form below to learn more about the fees involved.

Can I Order More Than One Song?

Yes, bulk discount is available upon request. Simply fill out the contact form below this page and let us know what your needs are.

Can I Get Involved In The Process Of Making The Song?

You’ll have multiple chances to give us your feedback. You’ll approve the lyrics and rough draft. Once this process begins, it is very difficult to involve you in the process without sacrificing delivery times and quality. This is why, once the song is approved by you, we’ll get to work promptly and as quickly as possible to deliver your unique story in a professional sounding song. 

Why Is It So Expensive To Make?

The way our love songs are created requires time and energy because we are creating YOUR story, so we want to get to know your story so it can become a perfect song for you as a couple. Even though you’ll song will have a personal use, songs are created with the highest quality standards. Think of this as an investment you’ll be able to cherish the rest of your lives. Generations to come will also be able to enjoy and remember what a beautiful story you have crafted!

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