Coronavirus (COVID-19) Are You Ready?

We are clearly living in a time of extremes. A time of lots of duality. Like Charles Dickens wrote in his novel “A Tale Of Two Cities”, it was the best of times but it was also the worst of times.

I felt compelled to cover some important aspects that surround the coronavirus (COVID-19), but also very importantly I wanted to talk about a BIG shift that I believe is coming for us as as a species.

What is it?

COVID19 means:
CO – Corona which is the family of viruses
VI – stands for virus
D – stands for disease and
19 – stands for the year it was first discovered (2019)

It has been given other names, like Wuhan virus. Wuhan is the city in China where it appears to have originated. It’s the same virus but they have removed the Wuhan part because you typically don’t want to place the name of the region where a disease originated.

What exactly is this virus?

I like Rudolf Steiner’s take on this. Rudolph Steiner is probably one of the most knowledgable men that has stepped on this planet. He was actually one of the first, if not the first, to point out that the heart is not just an organ pumping blood, but rather a complex organ with its own intelligence, probably superior to the intelligence of the brain. Back in times of the Spanish Swine Flu (1918) Steiner spoke about viruses as poison or excretion of the cells, which is basically what you see in a virus. In more scientific terms we can think of viruses as degenerated RNA or DNA coding. They are not live, but rather molecules, so COVID19 is not seeking out a host, but rather “stumbles” upon cells, and once inside, cells reproduce with this degenerated RNA in them. It lasts a very long time and has those little spikes which we have all seen on the pictures and that makes it a lot more contagious. It can be transmitted very easily to other cells and once that cell reproduces then you have a multiplying problem in your body.

Is it really that deadly?

There are several statistics running around that I found to be helpful. First off, there is the World Health Organization’s statistic which initially put COVID19 cases at a death rate of 3.4% I believe that statistic is highly exaggerated because so many people are asymptomatic. In other words, we won’t even notice we are sick and if we don’t even know this we’re not likely to even report it much less get tested. This is the reason why I feel that a much lower mortality rate is likely to be the case.

I found a different statistic which may be closer to the truth. It is coming from a study in the Nature Medicine Journal. This study points to a death rate at around 1.4 percent and you’ll discover the people who are most at risk are older than 65 and have a compromised immune system. smaller children are not at high risk. Of course you won’t want to expose them but they are not as likely to have problems with it. Children’s renew their cells every couple of days. In fact, in Italy, the government did a study on fatalities from coronavirus and they discovered that over 50% of those cases had three or more underlying conditions, meaning their immune system was already loaded with illness. The last research that I wanted to share with you is an estimation based on a lot of good math, by Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. H. Clifford Lane and Dr. Robert R. Redfield. They estimate the death rate to be less than 1% because of the asymptomatic unreported cases. If you consider that the flu season is around point 85% point 83 when it’s a bad season, it does seem like we need to be cautious but not fearful of this novel disease.
What worries the authorities the most is the exponential rate at which this is being transmitted from one person to another, from one surface to people and this is the reason why we are being asked to practice social distancing and quarantine ourselves and it is not necessarily for the good of a few people, but rather for the majority of people including those with compromised immune systems that will not fend off the virus easily.

What Are The Symptoms?

The most common symptoms that are present in patients are dry cough, fever and shortness of breath. If you have these symptoms and you’re not feeling good and it’s definitely a good idea to look into these symptoms.
Symptoms that seem to show up sometimes are headaches, aches and pains and sore throat.
Very rarely has diarrhea or runny nose been reported so if you have runny nose or diarrhea you probably don’t have the corona virus.
Sneezing seems to be a symptom of a different disease.

An important takeaway for you at this point is:

Be Cautions, but NOT fearful

So, you want to wash your hands, keep distance, etc, which brings me to my next point.

How Is It Transmitted?

– Physical contact and this is the reason why it makes sense for us to distance ourselves about six feet. This means we can still enjoy the sun, chat with our neighbors at a distance and connect with our loved ones from our computers.
– Airborne droplets last up to 3 hours. In cold weather, the virus will be around for longer periods of time. Remember flu season is closely related to the fact that we are less exposed to the sun and its anti viral properties. So viruses don’t tend to do well in tropics and places with warm weather.
– Surfaces are problematic as COVID19 can last a very long time. For example, it can
last up to a day on cardboard and on stainless steel and plastic up to two to three days.
– Feces (avoid public bathrooms and wash hands thoroughly)

How Do I Avoid It

– If you follow me you know how I feel about stress…stress is for me the number one killer in America in my opinion. Now more than ever, it becomes even more important that you work on lowering your stress levels and breathe properly. If you’re not familiar with any breath technique you can simply try 5-5-5. Breathe in for 5, hold for 5, out for 5. An even better one if you can remember is 4-7-8. I actually do breathing that I learned from Wim Hof a.k.a. “The Iceman”, but you don’t need to do a specific one, just find one that works for you.
– Wash your hands thoroughly and mindfully specially every time you need to go outside. Any soap will work. It’s more about washing thoroughly than what brand you use.
– Cough responsibly! If you’re going to cough or sneeze cover your mouth by putting your arm in the way. Don’t use your hands so the droplets won’t land in your hands.
– Practice social distancing. You’ll need a good 6ft to avoid transmitting the virus. Remember you can still reach out via computers with our loved ones, and in the meantime we can enjoy our own family time at a different level! So you do not need to be isolated!
– Clean surfaces regularly. Some favorites for coronavirus are:
+ Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide,
+ 10% Malt vinegar + 10% vinegar + 3% Hydrogen peroxide
+ Chlorine
+ Alcohol (60-80%)


When cleaning and taking precautions, it’s important not to go bezerk! You’re not going to be able to sterilize your environment to its fullest. In fact, that is simply not the right approach. For example, about 40 to 50 years ago in medical school they would teach students of medicine to sterilize patients’ guts using a powerful antibiotic called chloramphenicol. Fortunately, doctors later discovered this was a very bad idea. Viruses and bacteria outnumber our cells. I believe is about 1 with 32 zeros to 1. Remember our motto, you want to be cautious but not fearful. About 9-11% of our hard coding protein are actually retro viruses. Retro viruses are considered among the most dangerous to mankind…
Coming back to surfaces, remember to clean them regularly without going overboard!

Treatments against coronavirus (COVID-19)
Vitamin C in high doses has already started to work in several places around the globe. It makes sense as it has been treated successfully against pneumonia and colds for decades now. You’ll want to consult your doctor and research but typically 2-3,000mgs work well preventively or when you just enter a cold, while much higher doses are needed if you’re sick. Liposomal might be worth checking out as it appears to be the most absorbable. Check out the resources for further reading.
Vitamin D3 regulates more than 2,000 genes. Think of it as absorbing a little bit of the energy of the sun. Sun has known anti viral properties which are importan now more than ever.
– Zinc is a known supplement recommended to help our bodies fight off viruses. Dosage varies greatly depending on the supplement.
– Black Elderberry 158mgs 2x daily
– Mushrooms have been researched more than pharmaceutical drugs and have been successful specially in chinese medicine. Reishi and Agarikon mushrooms stand out.

Should I Take The Test?

Of course, I encourage you to seek a practitioner to better determine whether this is right for you. I can tell you that according to Dr. Thomas Cowan, the test seems to be questionable. It apparently takes a piece of the virus and it is claimed that this piece is unique to the coronavirus. However, when accelerated through cycles, 35 cycles seem to point to no positives, while 60 cycles point to everyone having the coronavirus. It is probably a good idea to take the test only if you are already feeling seek.

Are You Ready For The BIG Shift?

From my perspective, we are encountering an era of positive change around the globe. We are directly responsible for the sixth mass extinction of species and it is only a matter of time before our ways catch up to us. I want to encourage you to take this time to work on yourself, and how you can heal yourself moving forward. Our world will definitively not be the same after this reset. We will experience a shift in lifestyle, society, economy, etc. So it is important that we reflect on what’s truly important, focus on the inside and not the outside world. We are not the strongest animals on the planet, but we are certainly among the most resilient. We have survived scarlet fever, bubonic plague and many other challenges along the way, but we have yet to evolve in a major way. Take this time to focus on becoming a better human than you were yesterday, if we do this together we can create a Mankind 2.0. and the best time to start is TODAY!

 How are you using your time? Please comment below.

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