How can you tell if you’re presently living the life of conformity?

There are clear indicators that can signal whether you’re living the life of conformity or the life of purpose. The main indicator involves what you do with your first 30 minutes and later your last 30 minutes of your day.
How do you start your day? I used to have the same morning routine as most people, and chose to spend my early hours on other people’s agenda. I’d turn on my cell phone and spend my early morning on social media, emails, shopping online, etc.
Similarly, I spent my last 30 minutes of the day in front of a screen really doing nothing to further myself as a human being.
At this point I’ve managed to replace my morning for breathing and meditation, and I always enjoy writing down what I want to do the next day in the las 30 mins of my evening.

Most of us were conditioned to a point of having to numb ourselves with alcohol, drugs, video games, tv, cell phones, food, etc. This is the reason why it becomes so important to break out of conformity and into a better world for yourself. If you can interrupt your bad habits, specially in the beginning and end of your day, you’ll start to see a shift in your attitude and behaviors towards life in general! If you can work on this long enough your automatic patterns will start shaping you into living out of your conscious wishes and desires.

What if we choose to stay the same? This is a dangerous trap that can lead people into an eternal waiting room. One where you are waiting for someone or something to take you out of conformity. But, of course, no outside person or thing can drag us out of this waiting room. We must take the journey ourselves!

So what can help us out of conformity?

1) Master living In The Present

Most of us live stuck in the past, justifying our present as a result of what happened in our past. People who live in this mode for a long enough period will develop depression. On the opposite end, people can also choose to be unhappy waiting for some event in the future (friday, vacations, retirement, etc.). An extreme focus on the future can lead to anxiety.
So neither the past or future are good to live a life of purpose and live from our conscious wishes and desires. Breaking out of conformity involves mastering and appreciating the beautiful present moments life has to offer.

2) Work On Happiness From The Inside Out

Most people numbing the experience of life are constantly shopping for things and seeking immediate gratification from the outside world. Just as love, happiness can not come from the outside world and is an internal state of being we were all born with. So when you shift your focus to your inner world, and raise your vibrational frequency by tapping on elevated emotions, your experience of life will change. You will truly be happier and a lot more willing to take on life’s challenges.

3) Express Gratitude On A Daily Basis

Remember to be grateful every day for what you have. Gratitude is a wonderful tool to manifest what you want too, because when you are grateful for something the universe helps you manifest that faster!

4) Kill ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts)

Remember that over 60-70% of our thoughts tend to be negative and over 90% of our thoughts throughout our day are from yesterday. This presents a challenge for us to identify and work on them. Dr. Daniel Amen calls these Automatic Negative Thoughts.

5) Spend Time In Nature

Whether it’s mountains, beach or anything that will allow you to connect back with nature, this is always a great way to realize that we are not isolated in the World, but rather part of a much larger system that promotes life, expansion and love throughout the universe. Spending time in nature not only grounds us but reminds us of this interconnectivity.

6) Surround Yourself With Uplifting People And Mentors

Several studies point to the fact that we are probably the average of the people we hang out with, so it makes sense to surround yourself with mentors and friends that you can learn from and viceversa. Two people working in harmony can always achieve so much more than one, so look for the right kind of people in your life to help you accomplish your goals!

What do you do every day to break out of conformity? Please comment below…



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