How do you start your day? See, the reason I ask is because I’m a true believer that how you set up your morning can determine the outcome of the rest of your day, and the rest of your life for that matter. But so many of us don’t really start in reflective mode. We start in reactive mode, right? And what I mean by reactive mode, and not so long ago. I used to be among those many, is, I used to just reach for my cell phone in the morning and I used to be dragged out of bed. I pretty much just woke up because I had to. I had to go somewhere. I had to do something instead of, because I wanted to. And that’s a big difference. But, the good news is you can set up your morning to achieve so many more goals, so many more dreams and to, basically enhance the way that you’ve been living.

And these are six powerful strategies that can help you do that.


What I mean by preparing for tomorrow tonight is this, tonight at the end of the day, what you want to do is you want to have some sort of journal or even better, you can write it on a calendar. and when you write it on a calendar, you can even set up reminders on your cell phone or you can block out the time when you’re going to do this. And, you want to put one, two, or at most three small tasks that will get you closer to whatever your goals or dreams may be. So it can be personal goals, like exercising, Yoga, or it can also be professional goals, like, I want to create my own business, etc.

Whatever your dream may be, just be clear on it and set up your mini tasks that you’re going to accomplish the next day. Now the next tip that I have for you is…


What do I mean by sleep like a champ? Don’t sleep like a baby, because we’ve had three and it doesn’t really work out like that does it? But sleeping like a champ is powerful. and it involves sleeping with quality over quantity. So, instead of focusing on how many hours you slept or how many hours you’re going to sleep, you focus on the quality of those hours. And it has to do with light coming in through your eyes. So one of the powerful things that you can do is to block out the light coming from the outside, from the street, from the sun, from anything. So you want your room as pitch dark as possible. You also want to make a consistent bedtime routine so you go to bed and wake up around the same time everyday (and that includes weekends). And, once you have that, another powerful strategy before you hit the bed is you can get one of those glasses that are yellow. And what they do is they block out the blue light or the white light coming from lights and electronic devices. And, those, those are very inexpensive, you can buy them on Amazon or on many places these days. And, basically if you’re going to be watching TV or looking at your cell phone or your iPad or anything, this is a powerful strategy because the blue light actually keeps the brain operating and maximum capacity. It doesn’t know that nighttime is coming. So, what you do with this blocking out the blue light that comes from all these devices we use, is that you allow your brain to start converting serotonin into melatonin and other chemicals that are ideal for better sleep or better sleep quality. Now another thing that you can do is you can drink a little bit of water to keep yourself hydrated. And with that you can combine it with, a really good quality magnesium supplement. Now, a tip that is not very popular among people, but I actually do that and it’s, it’s honestly a blessing is to leave your cell phone outside of the room. So you eliminate the possibility of reaching for your cell phone in the middle of the night and reaching for social media, and you also eliminate with that the possibility of doing it first thing in the morning because it’s in some other room. So you don’t check the emails, you don’t check the social media until later on in the day. And that will allow you to have more time for other things.

And what things do I recommend? Well that brings me to tip number three…


In the morning, instead of waking up in reactive mode, like “I have to go to take the kids” or “I have to go to work”, you actually wake up a few minutes earlier and these varies upon personal schedule, but you just want to wake up a few minutes earlier and this will allow you for time to accomplish more goals first thing in the morning. So you just have more time for yourself. A lot of people sometimes feel like this is a selfish thing to do. I feel the other way around. When I used to wake up in reactive mode and just immediately checked my cell phone and do all those things. I was walking up and I was dragged out of bed, by my daughters and instead of that, I now wake up about an hour earlier than they do. And that allows me to have time to, make videos or work on my projects or work on my music. I’m actually learning guitar. So you have a lot of choices on what to do with your own time this way, of course.


The fourth strategy that I have for you is silence. And what I mean by silence, is actually some form of meditation, prayer, etcetera. Meditation has been around for thousands of years and it hasn’t really caught up in our lifestyle because we feel like, “oh, if we meditate, we were losing, or wasting our time”. But what research actually shows is you’re allowing your brain to focus more, because over time your brain will become more focused without even mentioning the health benefits of it, which are a stronger immune system, a more balanced blood pressure, you manage pain and stress better, among many other benefits.

So, I encourage you to try meditation. With things like meditation, a lot of people show resistance to try it but this is how I see it. You can stay where you are and nothing’s going to happen and that’s it. And if you’re comfortable with that, that’s fine. But, if you would like to be, you know, 10% happier or 10% more productive or something, then you can try these things and I guarantee you that you’re quickly going to see results. Now, meditation, there’s different modalities and stuff, but, the most basic form of meditation, which is, you know, uh, it’s fine. Uh, and it’s still something that I do everyday is just to focus on your breath and you allow your breath to come in and you follow the breath, as you relax and close your eyes. So you’re looking for deep and focused breaths, where the whole body has enough oxygen and your brain is fully engaged in the activity. And what happens, is that over time you realize that that is your anchor and as thoughts, or rather crazy thoughts start coming in, you stop reacting to them. You are actually just observing them. So it’s not like you’re not going to have thoughts, it’s more like you have those thoughts, but you don’t get involved in those thoughts. It’s like you’re getting outside of your head, like Mel Robbins says, right? So, it’s something very powerful to check out and to try.


Besides meditation, another tip that I have for you is create positive affirmations and visualize them as if they were real. So a lot of people sometimes feel silly with the whole issue of affirmations cause they’re like “oh, I feel silly talking to myself”, etc. And the good news is that you’re “always” talking to yourself. The only difference here is that over 70% of your day, you’re talking to yourself in a negative way.

And when you allow for affirmations to happen, you write down and then you start visualizing them, what happens is your brain starts trying to match, you know, what you wrote, to the reality. So it will bring you closer to whatever you want in life. So many people swear by them like Jim Carrey and Bruce Lee and there are so many succesful athletes and people that actually do them and they feel it has worked for them. So I encourage you to try them.


The last tip that I have for you is to express gratitude. And some of us do it in a journal. Some of us just speak it out into the universe or to God or through prayer. Whatever it is you believe in, just be grateful for what you have, something awesome that happened to you recently. It can be anything really! So, just be grateful everyday for what you have, especially in the morning, but you can do it in the morning and in the afternoon, and it’s even better.

Those are the six tips that I have for you. I hope that they will help you go from funk to flow. And now that we’ve gone through them. I have a question for you. Which of these tips have you tried before?, are you doing at present or are you thinking about, incorporating into your morning ritual? Just write them down in the comments below.

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