Earth Matters is a music and media project that seeks to change the World, one post at a time!

Combining reggae infused rhythms into pop/rock driven music and melodies, Earth Matters focuses on delivering powerful art-ivist lyrics anyone can understand and relate to.

And that’s where you come in! By learning from each other we can create a community that can find a sense of belonging, happiness and purpose. By working on ourselves everyday, and connecting through music and media, we can work on things that take us from being in a funk, moving together to a state of flow!

We all want what’s best for us, but most of us are not aware that what is good for us is also good for the Earth. For example, if we choose to eat local and organic products, we’ll not only be healthier, but we’ll be contributing to agricultural practices that benefit the soil, the plants and the environment, which in turn, contributes to our beautiful blue planet. So it’s a win win for everyone! Earth matters because each and every single one of us matter!

That’s why change can only start with ourselves. We can all change the World and we don’t need to wait for Superman or Batman to show up. We don’t even need to wait for the Gandhis, the Einsteins and the Mother Theresas, because the power of unity and working as a global community will exponentially

So, to sum things up, Earth Matters is a pop-tivist project dedicated to spread knowledge and good vibes to help us connect with ourselves, and every living thing on Earth. Join me on this journey towards a better you, a better us and a better Earth!

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